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Welcome to our guide on corporate gifts under 500. When it comes to building and maintaining strong business relationships, showing appreciation to employees and clients is key. Corporate gifts are a great way to express gratitude and leave a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore a range of practical and stylish and useful corporate gifts under 500 for employees. By choosing the right corporate gifts, you can enhance brand visibility, strengthen relationships, and boost employee morale. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect gifts that make a statement without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting plays a vital role in strengthening business relationships and fostering goodwill. By offering thoughtful gifts, you can demonstrate appreciation, gratitude, and establish a positive brand image. Let’s delve into the key benefits of incorporating corporate gifts into your business strategy.

However, picking out gifts can get overwhelming and it is a task to find gifts that align with your brand requirement and budget. And that’s where Ossify comes to help, one of the leading corporate gifting companies in Chennai.

We are extremely passionate and driven towards what we do and come up with the best corporate gifting ideas.

Top 10 High Quality Best Corporate gifts Under 500:-

1. Desk Lamps

A multi-functional lamp with features like flexible gooseneck, stationery and phone holder, different modes of light etc will make your desk life much easier and more organized. It will help enhance overall productivity in the workplace and add elegance to your office aesthetics.

A Desk lamp is versatile and super light on the pocket with absolutely no compromise on the quality.

2. Travel Wallets

Corporate gifts under $500: A collection of affordable and thoughtful business gifts suitable for any occasion

Travel Wallets are sleek and compact yet so spacious and functional. Made up of vegan leather and designed to hold business cards, phones, passports, tickets, cables and a lot more, these wallets are perfect for all your travel plus work essentials.

You can customize and print your brand’s logo and this sleek accessory will travel across the globe without burning a hole in your pocket. 

3. Corporate Gift Boxes

Ossify offers a wide range of inspirational corporate combo gift sets for every occasion. Wide range of products across 30+categories to choose from that includes pen, notebook, keychains, vacuum flasks, coffee mugs, pendrives etc to curate that perfect combo set for all your employees and clients. These are a great choice for a Fresher’s Welcome Kit as well. 

These Gift sets are extravagant but come within a desirable price point of under 500 INR. 

4. Universal Travel Adapter

corporate gifts under 500

This Universal Travel Adapter is compatible across 150 countries and has USB ports to charge devices directly. It comes with an in-built fuse and automatic locking mechanism. Generous branding space and great utility makes it perfect for gifting.

It is easy to use, very functional and looks expensive but won’t break your bank making it a very affordable Corporate Gift Option.

5. Laptop Bag

Corporate gifts under $500: A collection of affordable and thoughtful business gifts suitable for any occasion

A bag with great design, big on space with compartments and eco friendly material makes a great gift under 500. Customize it with your brand logo to maximize your brand visibility to your potential clients and customers.

6. Laptop Sleeve

This multi-functional Laptop sleeve with an in-built laptop stand and mousepad feature is the perfect gift to keep your laptop safe and secure. It is ultra-thin and portable which makes it travel-friendly and easy to use. Stylish yet professional, these sleeves look way too premium in this range.

7. Utility Gift Set

This utility Gift Set has a flask with double-walled vacuum insulated technology that keeps beverages hot or cold for 12 hours. The lid doubles up as a drinking cup that makes pouring hassle-free . 

Premium packaging along with personalized engraving not only makes it a useful Corporate gift but also serves as a great branding tool.

8. Portable Juicer Blender

This super-cool juicer blender is convenient to carry, clean, and maintain. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that makes your life easier. It can make an awesome gift in budget on its own or even as a part of the employee joining kit.

9. Vegan Leather Desk Mat

These desk mats are durable, long-lasting accessories that help you organize your desk in the most aesthetic way. It also protects your desk from spills and scratches. Designed to suit your desktop needs, it comes with pen loops and also card holders.

In addition, it is completely vegan making it an eco-friendly gifting choice.

10. Portable BT Speaker

Our portable Bluetooth Speaker is packed with amazing features such as water resistance, mic for hands-free calling and is ideal for everyday use. It is potentially the best event gifting idea at a reasonable price point.

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In conclusion, corporate gifting doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. With just a minimum budget, you can explore several thoughtful and practical gifts that can help you express your appreciation to your clients, colleagues, and employees without overspending. 

If you are ready to take corporate gifting to the next level, explore your audience, budget, and requirements. Check out our blogs for more inspiration and build goodwill for your brand. We help you select gifts that include quality, utility and uniqueness.

Start planning your next best corporate gift with us!

Our Story:

Ossify is a fun bunch of extremely passionate people who specialize in corporate gifting solutions to businesses of all backgrounds. We are one of the leading corporate gifting companies in Chennai.

We strive to offer gifts that are not only useful in the everyday life but also unique and memorable. We have the best Corporate gifts and give away the best event gifting ideas through our blogs. Our creative gift ideas can be easily included as a part of your employee joining kit, fresher’s welcome kit, employee as well as client appreciation gifts.

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